Image By Dark Blue Knight

We spent so long together,
But seems it all is past,
For God has taken you my love,
May you rest in peace at last.

So many times you suffered,
But complaints I never heard,
For you were truthful to yourself,
And truthful to Godís word.

You placed your faith in God above,
For all those torturous years,
Quietly asking for strength in prayer,
Never saw you shedding tears.

You never asked for more from me,
Than the love I had for you,
Returning your love to me always,
With a love that was so true.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

But youíve gone to join the Angels now,
You deserve the very best,
Through lifeís trials and tribulations,
You have passed the hardest test.

For you loved your fellow man,
Was there for all to see,
All I ask of you from now,
To simply smile on me.

You are in our Godís presence now,
Iím sure with God youíre reminiscing,
So please ask God on my behalf,
For a smile, and He will listen.

Smile down upon me from above,
To help me tote the load,
Until I come to meet you,
When itís time to leave this road.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Just knowing that your smile is there,
Will help the pain to bear,
The pain of loneliness I have,
With no one here to share.

I may be so very lonely,
And feel life has no worth,
But I know youíre smiling on me,
While I am here on Earth.

Smile down upon me Angel,
Get all the other Angels too,
To send their smiles towards me,
So I can smile for you.

For I know when you are smiling,
For I that smile will see,
So please my love I ask you,
To simply smile down upon me.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
12th June 2000
All Rights Reserved

Image By Dark Blue Knight

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