Original Photograp By Joackim Buchwald

So many years upon this Earth
And what did I achieve
I guess that I will never know
Until itís time to leave
But one thing that I know for sure
Was in friends I did believe

So many friendships made and lost
Throughout the passing years
I wonder just how many
Will be quietly shedding tears
Soon Iíll be gone forever
No more for me lifeís fears

And here I am just cursing
That fact that I did age
Iíve had so many years I know
Should be much wiser sage
But still more time is what I want
To leave mark on historyís page

I curse the days of growing old
Guess I do rave and rant
For all I really want my friend
Is to relive my lifeís dance
But suddenly I stop a while
Remember those who had no chance

Those poor souls who died whilst young
The path of age not trod
For reasons we canít understand
Were called early to see God
Their mortal selves forever young
Lay buried Ďneath the sod

So who am I to question
Godís plan for you and me
Although I know I must admit
It is so hard to see
Why some remain but children
For all eternity

So instead of cursing
The fact Iíve grown old
I guess itís time to give my thanks
And ensure my thoughts are told
The thoughts of praise to God above
For my life worth more than gold

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
8th March 2000 All Rights Reserved

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