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Do you ever feel so lonely?
Do you ever have despair?
Do you think there's no one out there?
Who for you really cares?

Have you lived a life of solitude?
Has love passed you by?
Does it seem so far too late now?
So you simply learned to cry.

Cry no more I beg you,
Wipe all those tears away,
For there is someone that does love you,
You'll find them soon I pray.

But you will never find them,
If you live behind closed doors,
You must seek your destination,
To find love forever more.

They may be around the corner,
Or in another place,
But you'll know when you do find them,
By the smile upon your face.

When you venture out around you,
Spend time with a good friend,
One day your love will flourish,
Yes, true love 'til the end.

Look not at yourself harshly,
Let others see real you.
No need to be the best there is,
But do the best that you can do.

For somewhere out in this wide world,
Be they near or far away,
There's someone that will love you,
Through all your future days.

You need not live so lonely,
And think there's none who care,
Open up your inner self,
Look for that one out there.

Do not fear rejection,
It just means they aren't the one,
That will smile at you forever,
Until your life is done.

Simply keep on searching,
Just look and you'll soon find,
That very special person,
Who loves your heart, and soul, and mind.

When you find that special person,
That one amongst a few,
You'll need never again feel lonely,
Because you'll know….Someone Loves You.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
14th July 2000
All Rights Reserved

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