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Sitting here just thinking
How much we learn in lives
Of just how much we love them
Our husbands or our wives

There is nothing that another
Can do or even state
For those two were meant forever
To be their own soul mates

They had been drawn together
And felt within the heart
That they should be with one another
Right from the very start

For true love brings many blessings
A chance to show you care
To be forever with your soul mate
And with them, your life share

When you find your soul mate
Then plan to keep them near
To be together for your lifetime
And let no others interfere

So pledge your love will just forever
Be there for always real
Then no matter what the obstacles
Together you will deal

Yes, there’s days of troubles
And you may even wait in vain
But don’t give up hope of true love
Instead work together once again

You may be blessed with children
That is not for you to choose
But with your soul mate there beside you
You surely cannot lose

For the journey of a marriage
Is up and down at best
But if you accept the peaks and hollows
You will pass life’s harshest test

And finally when your time does come
Your days are done on Earth
If you’ve spent them with your soul mate
Then they’ll really have some worth

For if you go before them
And you are buried ‘neath the ground
You go in peace and knowledge
That you left with memories most profound

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
19th September 2005
All Rights Reserved

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