Image By Dark Blue Knight

Walk quietly on one evening
Along the sandy shore
Just listening to waves rolling
Your loverís hand in yours

Enjoy the total freedom
Of two lovers side by side
For love needs to say nothing
Nor can it ever hide

Now you are together
Never again to part
True love just for each other
Itís etched within your heart

Donít wonder how it happened
For it was meant to be
Some questions have no answers
With fate just do agree

Forget for a short moment
The world thatís all around
Enjoy the precious time you have
With the love that you have found

The world is now in darkness
Stars twinkle in the skies
So very soon Iím sure youíll see
A loverís moon on rise

For what could be more romantic
Between those who share love
Than sand from seashore in your toes
And light from moon above

As youíre slowly strolling
Two lovers hand in hand
Stop for just a moment
Share a kiss upon the sand

A kiss can be so special
When between two lovers shared
Be as passionate as you want to
For no one else is there

The joy of that kiss will linger
Forever in your mind
You cannot see another
For love is truly blind

You pledge love to each other
Promise always to be true
Three simple words that mean so much
A heartfelt, "I Love You"

Perhaps you sit upon the sand
And gaze in loverís eyes
See the twinkle sparkle from them
Like the stars that shine on high

As the moon keeps slowly rising
And waves roll to the shore
Pledge your love to one another
To last forever more

Your love just for each other
As one, two hearts do race
Not a word need to be spoken
Just sit quietly and embrace

Remember that very moment
Reflect on it with pride
For your love will last a lifetime
It comes from deep inside

You donít know why you feel it
You just know it feels so good
To share your love together
Like lovers really should

Love is a strange emotion
One which is hard to understand
You know deep within your hearts
That it was just somehow planned

For something that is unknown
Has led you to your friend
But friendship that has grown so deep
Itís now love until the end

So as you spend your time together
Sharing seed of love now sown
Be grateful that you found true love
And never feel alone

Love is something special
Shared by two who care
It really is just a simple word
But means to trust and want and share

So when you find your true love
It really makes you glow
Because you feel so special
And that love you need to show

So as you take your time just strolling
In moonlight from above
You both feel so very special
By that gracious gift of love

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
24th July 2005
All Rights Reserved

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