Storm Image By Dark Blue Knight

Just gazing out my window
The sky looked oh so dark
Could see a storm was brewing
It would surely leave its mark

The wind picked up its fierceness
Was blowing through the trees
As it tore through all the branches
And shred them of their leaves

The waters started falling
In torrents it did rain
I looked unto the Heaven
Wondered from where it came

Wind and rain tore through together
Threw things 'round like a cork
So very soon it did appear
You could not even see a stalk

Roofs ripped of the houses
Trees uprooted from the ground
Why was this just happening
Had the end of world been found

Seemed to carry on for hours
But really was much less
Was just a frightening moment
That made it all a mess

Then just as suddenly as it started
It all came to an end
And once again the Earth around
Seemed like a long lost friend

But through those fast and furious hours
So much damage had been done
And everyone who could do so
Was out to lend a hand

The storm had struck so violent
Then came the peace and calm
And through it all I guessed
Nature really meant no harm

For the Earth did need that water
That did in torrents flow
So there would be more days ahead
On which nature would then grow

So if on some darkened daytime
You see storm clouds up on high
It's just nature playing its own part
And using its own sky

We must learn to live with nature
For it we cannot control
So accept things as they happen
And make another day our goal

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
12th March 2005
All Rights Reserved

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