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The child sat quiet and simply stared,
The faces 'round him shone,
But he couldn't smile as he would like,
There was a storm on the horizon.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
A storm he'd weathered many times,
Knew it would come again,
Without as much as warning,
Once more he'd feel the pain.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
His eyes could see the smiles,
But he knew that they were false,
Instead of love and deep affection,
He simply felt repulse.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
He wondered was it normal,
For around others love would abound,
But that love seemed to turn to hatred,
When no others were around.

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Come on, he heard his Mother call,
It's time we went off home,
He lived in fear of those few words,
He knew the storm would come.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
The bruises and the broken bones,
To complain would be no use,
No matter what the others saw,
There was always an excuse.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
Why didn't others notice,
Instead of turning face away,
Could not they see just for themselves,
Another storm had come today.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
The storm that struck him often,
With a fury so intense,
But again he had to bear it,
Although it made no sense.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
Once again curled in the corner,
Trying not to show his fear,
For while the storm was raging,
There was no one 'round to hear.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
Another day in his short life,
Where would it lead thereafter,
He longed for days of sunshine,
Of caring, love and laughter.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
Those things he saw that others had,
But to him it seemed forever,
His life was bound for him to face,
Those bouts of stormy weather.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
Now once again so all alone,
With things to harsh to mention,
He wondered if he'd ever see,
Sunshine on the horizon.

Image By Dark Blue Knight
Dark Blue Knight
All Rights Reserved
9th February 2001

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Authors Note

This site supports a stand against child abuse in any form.  Please help stop abuse of our children by reporting any abuse you may see.  Child abuse comes in many forms, physical, mental and sexual.  The physical scars may leave, but the mental scars remain forever.

Yes, one can find "Sunshine On The Horizon", but it is a long journey.  This poem was nearly 49 years of pain in the carrying, fifteen minutes in the writing, and another four years after that before I found the courage to share it with others.  Even my closest family never knew the truth until that time.  I am one of the lucky ones, I did find "Sunshine On The Horizon."

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