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Was on a hot midsummer's day,
Out on the wide brown land.
He surveyed all before his eyes,
No grass, brown earth he scanned.

He thought, "How can I take it",
It seems the ends in sight.
For all the work I have now done,
This drought has set my plight.

For no rains hed seen for so long now,
His cattle so near dead.
An awful death hed seen so much,
He shook his aching head.

"Oh what," he thought, just for a while,
"More is there I can do.
Ive worked and toiled this very land,
Seems my whole life through".

He thought of the years,
Now just in the past.
And just how much hed strived for,
To make this move his last.

But now he was just thinking,
It brought him so much pain.
Something that would only ease,
With coming of the rain.

Hed wondered oh so many times,
Should he wait and pray.
For rain to fall on the parched Earth,
Or give all up today.

He took his weary body,
Went on bended knee.
How he wished it was so easy,
For the future just to see.

For quite a while he sat there,
His mind just in a trance.
When bought back to reality,
By noise far off in distance.

Was it real, what he was hearing,
Or just imagined in despair.
For he thought he had heard thunder,
From somewhere way out there.

Suddenly the sky did darken,
Storm clouds across the sun.
Would he really see some rain,
Before the day was done.

Was it time his prayers were answered,
Or this just another tease.
With nothing more than thunder,
Blowing in the breeze.

But what was that he saw now,
Not seen for so long past.
But these were surely raindrops,
The rains had come at last.

His spirits had just lifted,
Let it rain and rain some more.
For the dry parched land would soak it,
That fact he knew for sure.

So now he looked out smiling,
Across the brown dry plain.
If only this rain would stay,
Would soon be green again.

The rain it did continue,
For days it rained so strong.
Soon every creek and gully,
Was running water all along.

This week had been his saviour,
He knew he could now remain.
To work upon the land he loved,
For a while at least no pain.

Finally the rains did cease,
The sun did shine so bright.
The barren country all around,
Came alive just overnight.

Wildlife was soon to be seen again,
The trees and grass grew green.
It seemed nature had smiled again,
He could again now dream.

Dream, dreams of a new future,
Not like that of past.
Thinking of what lay ahead,
As the rains had come at last.

So back to long hard toil he went,
There was so much now to do.
Toiling from dawn till dusk,
Without ever feeling blue.

He thought of city cousins,
Who never knew the pain.
Of what those like him must endure,
Waiting for the summer rain.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
August 1999
Revised January 11th 2008
All Rights Reserved

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