The sun does shine so brightly,
Each and every day,
Sometimes we cannot see it,
As clouds do block the way.

But that sun does give us daylight,
Each and every morn,
For once where there was darkness,
Is now a brand new dawn.

Nights are so dark and lonely,
But when the sun shines in,
I'm sure that you will notice,
A new day does begin.

Every night-time that does happen,
Precedes the rising sun,
No matter what has come before,
That sun will shine on one.

So let the sun shine in forever,
And whatever you may do,
Make sure that sun is shining,
On the one you know as you.

Depends upon the season,
The warmth of sun you get,
But no matter where you are on Earth,
That sun does rise and set.

Some days may be so cloudy,
And with it rain does bring,
But rain does not hide daylight,
So let that daylight in.

For without that rain,
We would not need the sun,
'Tis part of each new day on Earth,
With both, new life has sprung.

For if the sun should disappear,
And we never see again,
That sunshine each new day we meet,
Our lives will too forever end.

Do not curse the sunshine,
Or how you feel the heat,
But be thankful that it's shining,
So another day you greet.

You cannot live forever,
In darkness of the night,
So at the end of your time resting,
We need to see the light.

The sun does come,
The night does follow,
We need them both,
To see tomorrow.

Sunshine Divider by Dark Blue Knight

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
9th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

Sunshine Divider by Dark Blue Knight

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