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Teach me Lord is all I ask
To give myself to You
To no longer be alone
Teach me Jesus to be true

I know you have all I need
For Youíve shown how You care
So when Iím lost with none around
Teach me to come to You in prayer

Let me heed the words You spoke
And take time to read Your word
Then I will much better be
Teach me, so my voice is heard

Lead me to a life of love
And if need be, then intervene
Let me be forever Yours
Teach me Jesus to be seen

Make me strive to be like You
So that others too may see
Your love in all the things I do
Teach me that You died for me

Teach me to follow in Your path
And all others to forgive
Then for all time I shall know
Teach me though I die, I live

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
10th June 2008
All Rights Reserved

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