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This is a little verse,
That is meant for all those who,
Whenever Iíve felt down a bit,
Have helped to see me through.

There have been so many reasons,
For anxiety and despair,
But you my friends and family,
Have always been right there.

Sometimes I donít deserve it,
As I am so hard to accept,
But even at those worse times,
Together we have wept.

To all my friends and family,
I cannot thank you enough,
For without your love and great support,
It would have been real tough.

There are some lovely people,
Who I call just their friends,
But then there are those special ones,
On whom I really do depend.

To those extra special people,
And you know who thou art,
A very special Thank You,
From deep within my heart.

Itís true that friends will always,
Give one hope, so always learn,
Those true friends never ever,
Expect anything in return.

But to my special friends and family,
No matter what I do,
I will always try to remember,
To send a special thanks to you.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
May 1999
All Rights Reserved

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