That Key Image By Dark Blue Knight

I see a door
But don't have a key
I can't get in
Although the pass is free

That door is within
A heart that beats
Then seems to race
When lovers meet

But stop and think
If I do stay
Will that love just rise
Or flow away

There is a difference
Between love and lust
One is so thoughtless
The other just

One simple action
Can bring much pain
Or it can also
Your love sustain

Try to think ahead
For you may one day
Rue forever
That you gave that key away

Look at what's within
And not what you see
Before you offer
Someone that key

That key to your heart
And doorway true
The one that hides
Your love from view

Yes, in your hearts a doorway
Maybe you cannot see
But strive to choose so wisely
Before you give someone that key

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
26th February 2005

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