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Your book of life is started
The day that you are born
Itís constantly updated
Before you see next morn

For every little action
Yes everything you do
Is noted in your book of life
It is your whole life through

Thereís nothing that is hidden
Not a thing will be left out
For you may think itís secret
But your book will show no doubt

You will never see it
Some things you will forget
But remember my friend always
This book you cannot vet

For once you have done something
Itís noted on the line
And there it will stay always
Until the end of time

It matters not what you may think
Or how you justify
All deeds of yours, both good and bad
Are seen by your Godís eyes

And then some day in future
A time we know not when
You will be called before your God
And your book will be there open

The contents of that book will judge
What eternity will spell
Will you dwell with God always
Or cast to fires of hell

For itís much too late to change it
On that day that you receive
The call to leave this mortal Earth
Too late then to believe

Donít fall into a trap then
And leave it till tomorrow
For it may be well past your time
No chance to show your sorrow

Try always then to balance
The book of life above
By doing good things always
And showing you can love

A love not just for one person
But love for all mankind
Then one day I know for sure
Your just reward youíll find

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
4th March 2000
All Rights Reserved

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