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Remember not so long ago
When the circus came to town
Everyone seemed happy
I did not see a frown

It seems that time has sure moved on
Now entertainment is at home
For shows just like the circus
We simply have outgrown

I recall my days of youth
When trucks did all appear
With all the varied animals
And of course the circus gear

We all would stand around and watch
The much ado and fuss
As we surely dreamt of someday running
To join that very circus

The mighty big grey elephants
Just two in one big truck
We never would go near them
Dared not to push our luck

Of course were lots of other
Wild animals to see there too
Which the only place you will now see
Is caged up in a zoo

Oh, the circus was far more
Than just a show with clowns
It brought that very zoo of theirs
To all the country towns

They would arrive one morning
Usually head for the show ground
Work at frantic pace all day
Whilst the townsfolk gathered round

And then at night so much would change
The people would all sit
And watch with awe as the performers
Did all their various tricks

There would be acrobats and jugglers
Lion tamers so at ease
Of course the clowns would be there too
And the bravest on trapeze

We would simply watch the show
With almost disbelief
The big canvas spread on top
And just the ground beneath

The things that made us smile the most
Would be the circus clown
But the saddest moment would then be
When the big top did come down

By morning they be packed again
To continue on their round
To spread their joy and laughter
To yet another town

But in this day of computers
Videos and TV
It seems as though the circus
No more we’ll ever see

So all of the poor children
In all those country towns
Will never see the animals
Or performers or the clowns

I guess I should be happy
I was fortunate enough to see
When on a number of occasions
The circus came to me

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
25th June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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