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It was just another day
One like all the rest
But was about to happen
I think no one had yet guessed

Our Lord began to tread that path
Towards His Father's home
But one thing that we do now know
He did not tread that path alone

He knew always what lay ahead
And said, please do not mourn
The soldiers then did come and place
Upon His head a crown of thorns

No matter what the soldiers said
He knew His life was never lost
So stood up boldly in front of all
And shouldered that heavy cross

He dragged that cross along the road
So all around could see
Then carried it much further still
All the way to Calvary

All throughout that long journey
He never did show fear
Not even at that moment
They pierced His side with spear

They lay that cross upon the ground
And nailed His feet and hands
Stood that cross in upright place
With two others it would then stand

Our Lord looked at one beside Him
Who said, "Will You forgive me"
Jesus wept as He replied
In Heaven, you'll soon be

When our Lord had reached His death
And there was no more life to show
They took His body wrapped in cloth
And to a tomb they then did go

As the Romans carried out their task
Many standing round did mock
They blocked that entrance to the tomb
With an enormous rock

This all happened on a Friday
As it had been foretold
But there were still those that doubted
That the promise made would hold

Three days passed by so slowly
It was now a Sunday morn
When some went to that tomb
They found that Christ had gone

The rock was moved
The shroud was there
That tomb that once was filled with God
Was standing oh so bare

Christ appeared to his disciples
Showed He had conquered sin
By dying first upon that cross
Then rising to life again

He told them all so simply
My work on Earth is done
So go out and teach others
How to join Me in My home

He made a solemn promise
That one day He would return
And all that chose to believe in Him
Would n'er again face harm

I'm sure that as He looks down
He does at times just weep
So many have forsaken Him
Although His promise he will keep

He held that cross up boldly
That cross he had to bear
So then all would have a chance
For eternal life to share

With God the Father
And God the Son
And the Holy Spirit
Three God's in one

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
21st February 2005
Revised ~ 5th April 2008
All Rights Reserved

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