Image By Dark Blue Knight, Original Photo By Sonja Mildner

So many years have gone by,
Since I first went to a dance,
And I used to sit there lonely,
Afraid to take the chance.

But one day I did do it,
Got up with all the rest,
Although my skills were not so good,
I did my very best.

Then came TV and drive-ins,
As time moved on so fast,
Just thinking of those early years,
I realise a dance is in the past.

Then one day I saw an ad,
Thought why don't I take a chance,
Instead of sitting 'round at home,
I will go to that dance.

I had a shave and washed my hair,
And smelled so very neat,
The only thing that bothered me,
Was that I had two left feet.

Dressed up in all my finest,
Got into my car,
And drove to where the dance was held,
It wasn't very far.

Walked up to the door,
But I had to pay my way,
Was fifty bucks to get inside,
Just to hear the music play.

It wasn't long, the band struck up,
With an almighty din,
My Lord, I cried under my breath,
I can't understand a thing.

They all got up and jumped about,
Did something they called the rap,
I sat and thought of good old days,
When we did the Gypsy tap.

Perhaps a waltz was started first,
For that old dance to begin,
Then a barn dance held for all,
Followed by a Pride of Erin.

Now they jump and scream and shout,
Their heads move side to side,
Don't even hold each other close,
Or each other guide.

Some do stand and shake around,
Others spin upon their behind,
There's just no co-ordination there,
Like the good old dances in my mind.

As I sit and gaze upon them,
I am completely stunned,
Perhaps I am from days of old,
A new generation's kind of fun.

But no matter how hard I do just try,
To understand I cannot start,
How standing six feet from your partner,
Makes one feel close within the heart.

So in total shock I left that hall,
Praised God it wasn't far,
I walked in silence all way home,
And forgot about my car.

For just a fleeting moment,
I'd gone back to days gone by,
When you did see someone you did like,
And true dancing you did try.

This new generation that is here,
Can have their music loud,
And do the thing that they call dance,
But I'll stick with my own crowd.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
13th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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