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The night is still,
It’s early morn,
I sit here waiting,
For the new dawn.

Yesterday has been and gone,
Now it won’t take very long,
For a new day to dawn at last,
Time to sing a brand new song.

For short time yet,
The stars will twinkle,
The dew around,
Begins to sprinkle.

Won’t be long,
When from the East,
On great colours,
Your eyes will feast.

The beauty’s grand,
The birds I hear,
With lovely tunes,
Just for my ears.

And so slowly,
Begins to rise,
The new day’s sun,
Into the skies.

With each new dawn,
Comes a new day,
Just let me live it,
Lord I pray.

New light, new warmth,
The sun shines through,
Let some sunshine,
Shine on you.

For sunshine does,
You really know,
Make Mother Nature,
Really glow.

But what should be,
If day should dawn,
Not with sunshine,
But clouds adorn.

The day will be,
All but the same,
For with the sunshine,
We need the rain.

As in the sunshine,
And rain we have,
Our lives do follow,
The same path.

Sometimes we feel,
So full of fun,
Enjoying all things,
And warmth like sun.

Of course, I guess,
It’s fair to say,
At times like clouds,
We’re sometimes grey.

But dwell not on,
Those dark grey ways,
Look forward to,
Next sunshine day.

If you are happy,
Just take a while,
Recall the good things,
And you shall smile.

A smile is like,
A brand new dawn,
We should try and smile,
‘Most every morn.

So if you want,
Never to be grey,
Then keep that smile,
Throughout the day.

Every New Day Brings A Little Sunshine
Into Someone’s Life.

Let That Someone Be You.

Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight
May 1999
All Rights Reserved

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