I am but a man
Just like the rest
But I always strive
To give my best

Iíve looked around
And heard the cry
My country calls
So I have to try

Iíve worked so hard
And learned what to do
Because Iíve promised
Peace Iíll bring to you

With so many others
We move on in
And for your freedom
The fight does begin

I know thereís some
That do reject
But I donít have the time
To sit and reflect

For what I do
And how I react
Is what helps me watch
My best friends back

I donít know why
And I do not question
As I see things
Too harsh to mention

So once again
We walk that street
Forever watchful
Of what we might meet

We walk on slowly
And watch each other
Because by this time
Each oneís a brother

Then I hear the shot
But it doesnít hurt a bit
As I realise
I have not been hit

Then I see
For thereís no doubt
I see my friend fall
As he does cry out

I know right then
That heís felt the sting
And the pain
That, that shot did bring

I see him drop
And watch him fall
As I hear his words
And listen to his call

It dawns on me
Amidst the strife
That my best friend
Has lost his life

Heís paid the price
So others could see
That was the cost
Of freedom and liberty

For what heís done
Forever will be told
As his name is inscribed
On the honour roll

But for me itís different
Because the day that my friend died
Was also the day
That I first cried

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
20th June2005
All Rights Reserved

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