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High above the clouds he soars
His wings are spread most wide
Seems to embrace all thatís below
And keep it all onside

The wings are still and silent
No movement seen up there
For he soars upon the currents
Unseen by those who stare

Stop, my friend and ponder
Donít let the moment pass you by
For you can spread your love around
Like eagles wings on high

There need to be no movement
Just let your love grow free
Let it soar across the currents
Like the eagle that you see

For just like that soaring eagle
Will find a target down below
Your love will soon find someone
Somehow you will just know

Then grasp that someone special
Hold like eagleís claw
Never to let go of them
To be together evermore

Your love can be as graceful
As an eagle on the wing
For love is so very special
It makes the heart just sing

Sing a song of joyful feeling
Put your love on show
Show your love soared like the eagle
And you want the world to know

For true love cannot be hidden
Or kept from others view
For they will see the change so special
That only love can do

Next time you see an eagle
High above in flight
Recall your love so special
For the one you know is right

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
20th August 1999
All Rights Reserved

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