The Flames Of Hell Image By Dark Blue Knight

What lit these flames
That none can see
These flames of hell
Surrounding me

They burn within
My very soul
But there's no heat
I feel so cold

At nights I dream
One long nightmare
Those flames of hell
My nights do share

Those flames of hell
Surround my bed
Hold tightly now
My tortured head

Visions come
To me at last
But do I want
To see the past

A past that's filled
With pain and strife
Have these flames come
To take my life

It seems there's nothing
With which to quench
Those evil flames
As my soul, they wrench

Oh, my soul
Seems so burnt out
Forgive me Lord
My pleading shout

And suddenly
I feel refreshed
With a new hope
I'm somehow blessed

Although those flames
Are still around
I find somehow
New hope is found

So suddenly
I am awoken
Right through those flames
A prayer is spoken

You know, my Lord
Do I need tell
Just save me from
These flames of hell

To you my Lord
I do appeal
To kill those flames
That are so real

For I do know
When flames do cease
My soul again
Will find some peace

A peace I had
So long ago
Long time before
These flames did show

I've suffered Lord
I know not why
Is it your wish
That I should die

If that is so
Then so be it
But please destroy these flames
That another lit

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
3rd November 2000
All Rights Reserved

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