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My gardenís always open,
Come enter through the gate.
Donít waste another moment,
You might leave it far too late.

Iím sure that youíll enjoy it,
When you see just whatís inside.
Donít stand out there so lonely,
Come enjoy my special ride.

Inside the gate I offer solace,
So your mind just let it rest.
Commune with beauty all around you,
Youíll feel so very blessed.

The first thing you will notice,
The peace that does abound.
For I do not allow conflict,
In the garden I have found.

My garden holds no weeds within,
Itís tended with much care.
So all who enter through the gate,
Will see something so rare.

Youíll see a garden full of love,
And people all around.
For friends are really flowers,
And in Godís garden they abound.

For it really is Godís garden,
I am only there to tend.
And invite you all to come inside,
To meet another friend.

Stroll amongst the flowers,
Stop and say hello.
For all around that garden,
Itís love and peace that flows.

There are flowers from all nations,
Theyíve entered through the gate.
No longer do they use that word,
That once they knew as hate.

All hatred must be left outside,
Before through the gate you tread.
Now true love for fellow man,
Is what youíll have instead.

The grass seems so much greener,
All flowers are in bloom.
If this garden keeps on growing,
Weíll need a lot more room.

But room is not a problem,
The worldís at our front door.
We simply shift the gate somewhat,
And invite so many more.

For if we keep inviting,
All others to our midst.
Then the whole world is Godís garden,
And we all, with love be blessed.

Iím sure God does love our garden,
As He looks down from above.
Sees mankind seated side by side,
Filled with eternal love.

For this garden is not really mine,
Just something I had to do.
To sow the seeds of friendship,
For the likes of me and you.

The seeds have all now sprouted,
And other seeds they send.
So my prayers for peace be answered,
When the whole world is a friend.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
20th June 2000
All Rights Reserved

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