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We often sit round thinking
Of good old days gone by
Remember good times and the laughter
Forgetting times that made us cry

If we are really serious
We should try hard to recall
All things that may have happened
The rises and the falls

It seems that when we do so
Thereís lots we do forget
For pain is all it brings us
Recalling hard times we had met

Yes, we really must be honest
It was not all so great
For along with some deep loving
There was also lots of hate

ĎTis human nature always
To recall that which was best
And put the painful memories
Into some kind of rest

But much as we may wish to
Hide all the things that pained
We sometimes cannot help it
But to recall them yet again

When talking with all others
We seem to think always
Of all the past behind us
As simply good old days

When life was so much simpler
Is that what we really feel
Because we choose our recollections
To suit those times unreal

If we stop and reconsider
Life has moved so far ahead
Some memories are not good ones
And to return to those days we dread

Would we really feel so happy
Living back in the past
When everything was harder
Although no where near as fast

Remember days when women
Could never prove their worth
Not because they were unable
But judged by sex at birth

To miss an education
For it was out of reach
To work whilst still a youngster
Life had so much to teach

Being forced to grow up
An adult whilst a teen
Not enjoying all the freedoms
And things that might have been

Facing time within the Army
While far too young to vote
Youíre off to National Service
Donít try and rock the boat

Oh sure you were old enough
Your simple life to give
But no way were you trusted
To have say in how you lived

Oh it would have been so glorious
To run and laugh and play
For then we really could recall
With joy the good old days

But good days in the time gone past
Were few and far between
From childhood to an adult
What happened to the teen

Why am I so despondent
A question you may ask
Let me tell you thereís no question
I donít wish to return to the past

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
5th October 1999
Revised 30th September 2008
All Rights Reserved

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