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One day as I was sitting,
I saw a bright light shine,
It seemed to draw me to it,
That light seemed to be mine.

I sat there for a moment,
Just to think what it may mean,
The light got even brighter,
And towards me shone the beam.

I couldn’t just resist it,
Although it brought much fear,
I had to move towards it,
The light was drawing near.

I move so very slowly,
So cautiously at first,
Then without apparent warning,
Like a starshell it did burst.

And everything around me,
Seemed so very bright,
So much brighter than any day,
Ne’er again would I see the night.

It had such great attraction,
I could not pass it by,
For I could sense its very presence,
Even with closed eyes.

What did it mean, I pondered,
But I had to take the chance,
The light was so intense you see,
It wanted me to dance.

So I started dancing,
Didn’t care who else could see,
From that day on was dancing,
Just that great light and me.

I could hear great music,
I could see so deep,
Forever in the future,
That light I’d surely keep.

Then I just slowed a moment,
And sat upon the ground,
I simply needed to reflect,
On what I’d really found.

Had I found that light around me,
That was so warm and bright,
Or had that light found me instead,
To brighten up my night.

For in that very instant,
I knew that it was right,
To forget about the darkness,
And keep following that light.

That light so very powerful,
Made my life so very clear,
I had no choice but always,
Hold that light so near.

But of course there would be problems,
I could not foresee or plan,
If I was to let go of things around me,
Then who would understand.

So although I wanted,
Towards that light to race,
I sat again and looked around,
And just slowed down my pace.

But that light was still there shining,
It did not even mellow,
Because I think I had decided,
One day, that light to follow.

It just kept simply shining,
And waited for a while,
And whenever I did need it,
That light would make me smile.

Yes, as I was there just sitting,
At the light from up above,
It suddenly did dawn on me,
It wasn’t light……’twas love.

Yes, love had shone upon me,
To brighten up my days,
And with that love beside me,
I would ne’er again need stray.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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