Is there anything more romantic,
Than full moon in sky above,
And just you and your very dearest,
Sharing everlasting love.

Has been throughout the ages,
Since history has been written,
The combination of full moon,
And those that love has smitten.

I cannot help but sense it,
Nor other way than see,
The full moon was made for lovers,
Just like you and me.

But remember all you lovers,
The full moon will always wane,
So it is with your true love,
There comes with it the pain.

ĎTis at such painful times,
That you simply have to strive,
And simply see if you can await,
The next full moon to arrive.

But true love will so often,
Seem to be unfair,
You must, if itís to prosper,
Make your own full moons to share.

For once you learn that lesson,
Then your love will surely grow,
And your radiance will always then,
Your love to others show.

Be not afraid to show it,
Your love should never hide,
Itís something to be proud of,
Coming from deep inside.

So keep those special moments,
When full moon shines above,
But in between forget not,
To always show your love.

True love is so beautiful,
You have nought to gain,
If you keep it hidden,
It is never quite the same.

So share your love forever,
With that special someone there,
Let the full moon bring its romance,
But in between moons; care.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved


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