The One I Adore - Image By Dark Blue Knight

I admired her grace
Knew it was not wrong
For I knew right then
That I did belong

She was sitting there
Still as she could be
Seemed as if
She was waiting for me

My heart did flutter
And skip a beat
And I decided
That I had to meet

So I walked on over
And sat beside
At first said nothing
And let time decide

For some awkward moments
We both sat there
I knew we wanted to speak
And wanted to share

At last I thought
Should I stay or go
For if I ask
She can only say no

So I turned to her
And spoke with no doubt
"If youll agree
Id like to take you out"

Her face lit up
And her smile just grew
As she replied
"Somehow I knew"

"But its not my place
To ask of you
So I had to wait
And see what you would do"

"So now youve gone
And asked of me
So lets take a walk
To share what we see"

Her hand reached out
And brushed my own
Then I somehow knew
Wed never be alone

The future was ours
Although time stood still
We could both plan ahead
And do ere we will

We both walked out
Into that night
Walked hand in hand
Beneath a moon so bright

And as we walked
My heart did melt
We told each other
Just how we felt

That was the first time we walked
But not the last
For she was my future
And gone was my past

I knew quite early
I wanted her in my life
So one day I asked
"Will you be my wife"

For we had a love
That seemed so rare
As we shared things
That only lovers share

Been many years now
Since that first walk
And of those days
We sometimes talk

Things have been
Theyve come and gone
But our love for each other
Is just as strong

We may be older
We may be grey
But what we share
Will never go away

We might not have riches
Or gold, or wealth
But one thing we share
Is of ourself

For it is worth
Much more than gold
To be with loved one
As you grow old

But time moves on
And I know for sure
That Ive spent my life
With the one I adore

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
10th June 2005
All Rights Reserved

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