The Place Of No Return Image By Dark Blue Knight

The sun beat down with a fiery blaze
Felt like all around would burn
Treeless horizons as far as the eye could see
In that place of no return

Dust devils in the shimmering heat
They seem to jump and twist and turn
Mirages that look so very real
In that place of no return

Not a thing to see for a thousand miles
And the stomach begins to churn
When one thinks of the days ahead
In that place of no return

No matter how they try to look around
Not a thing can they discern
Then it dawns on them why the old men said
Itís a place of no return

Why didnít they listen when the old men spoke
Told there was nought out there to learn
Except to find the bones of those who went before
To that place of no return

But they knew better, or at least they thought
Showed little or no concern
They would show all others what they could do
In that place of no return

Their skin now darkened by a torturing sun
Which burns and burns and burns
And the only respite is during the nights
In that place of no return

The foodís all gone and the waterís low
Their grandiose ideas they choose to spurn
And begin to quietly pray theyíll find a way
From that place of no return

For times do come when thoughts must change
All old ideas they must adjourn
If they are not to fall like all the rest
In that place of no return

Walking slowly through the nights
With the deepest of concern
Their prayers are answered as rains do fall
In that place of no return

Peaceful thoughts do fill their minds
Clear running waters, cool green fern
As ever closer they do find a way
From that place of no return

Finally they did make it home
But a lesson they did learn
That way out there is a land so tough
Itís a place of no return

Copyright Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
5th January 2009
All Rights Reserved

This poem could be true of many places in the world, but I have added it to my Australian Section as it was written specifically with the Australian deserts in mind.  Australia is the driest continent on earth after Antartica, and massive areas of Australia are simply deserts that are too hot and dry for normal living purposes.  Many people have lost their lives by travelling into areas, even though experienced people have warned them they should not go.

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