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I really love the country,
With spaces far and wide,
From plains across the inland,
To rugged mountain sides.

Rivers that are flowing,
From mountains to the sea,
Peace and solitude of country,
Is just the place for me.

Give up life within the city,
Where every lifeís so fast,
You have no time to think ahead,
Or remember things gone past.

For in solitude of country,
You set your own lifeís pace,
For there is nothing thatís around you,
That makes you run or race.

Rise with sun each morning,
Enjoy the brand new day,
Look at all the things around you,
Watch nature while it plays.

Stroll quietly for a moment,
Amongst the lovely trees,
Growing upwards to the heavens,
Just swaying in the breeze.

There are no concrete canyons,
All things just seem so free,
Just as nature had intended,
All things around to be.

See the beauty and the colour,
Right before your eyes,
The parrot or the eagle,
Soaring up towards the sky.

The little things that matter,
Are not in cities seen,
For now there is just concrete,
Where once the bush had been.

All of you city dwellers,
Take time to go and look,
At natureís own true wonderland,
Be worth the time it took.

Thereíll be nothing there to rush you,
Youíll find you canít resist,
To return again to spend time,
At the places nature kissed.

Dark Blue Knight
August 1999
All Rights Reserved

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