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The cold wind blew ferocious
Across the roofs of town
The lightning flashed across the sky
The rain just pelted down

Was nature in its fury
Unleashed without remorse
To bring death and destruction
Along its uncharted course

Man had no way to control it
But simply pray and wait
And hope his prayers were answered
And that storm to soon abate

It had come without a warning
Blew in across the bay
The only indication seen
Was sudden darkening of day

Then hit with all its fury
So many homes were wrecked
It had such awesome power
Treated nothing with respect

It lasted but a short time
Before it picked up pace
To continue on its mission
To rage in another place

Just as quickly as it started
The storm that all had feared
Did cease its awful rampage
And simply disappeared

No lightning flashed, no wind at all
Gone also was the rain
As people viewed the carnage
The skies turned blue again

So many homes were damaged
Number of lives lost
Would be such lengthy task
To estimate the cost

The cost of course was twofold
Because that storm it had arrived
The cost to peopleís lives of course
And the cost to all who survived

It was a storm without warning
Like never seen before
And all the people prayed together
They would see the same no more

For all of manís ability
In things he has extolled
He must forever then remember
Nature cannot be controlled

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
25th June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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Main Image, Backgrounds, Borders And Divider By
Dark Blue Knight
Main Image Is An Actual Photograph Of An
Approaching Tropical Storm In Far North Queensland

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