The View

Image By Dark Blue Knight ~ Tube By Mist-eries

Sitting in my rocking chair,
As I just admired the view,
For it all looked so beautiful,
The way that it had to.

By Dark Blue Knight

Felt a touch of loneliness,
As a tear dwelled in my eye,
For my children had moved on their own way,
And you had said goodbye.

By Dark Blue Knight

Those great years that we did spend,
Together side by side,
But all I see now is that view,
All alone on this last ride.

By Dark Blue Knight

There is much beauty that surrounds me,
But nothing that can compare,
To those great times that we have had,
And all that we did share.

By Dark Blue Knight

Though loneliness surrounds me,
I cannot help but think of you,
For your beauty shines before me,
Just like that wondrous view.

By Dark Blue Knight

Yes, my loved one, we are apart now,
But it wonít be for very long,
And when I come to meet you,
I know my heart will fill with song.

By Dark Blue Knight

The view that I am now seeing,
Certainly does have its own beauty,
But it is nothing to the view from Heaven,
When again itís you and me.

By Dark Blue Knight

Dark Blue Knight
March 4th 2007
All Rights Reserved

By Dark Blue Knight

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