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ĎTis many things we wish for
Many far beyond our scope
We may want it oh so badly
We live daily with the hope

The hope that on some fateful day
We no longer will feel blue
That very thing we wished for
Has somehow just come true

It may be just a simple wish
Or one that is so deep
But we must forever continue
And hope our faith will keep

Have faith that in the future
Our wish so real becomes
No matter what the wish may be
We prayed for it so long

Ensure the wish is needed
To help to see you through
So remember to keep praying
For God to answer you

Oh, there is so much to wish for
Some great and some so small
But the pursuit of inner peace
Is the greatest wish of all

Oh please, God grant me inner peace
For the rest of mortal days
Then I can live without regret
And try to show the way

For with that peace comes serenity
And calmness most profound
And I can live my whole life through
And share the peace Iíve found

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
28th June 1999
Revised 22nd May 2008
All Rights Reserved

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