The Thin Blue Line

~ To All Police Officers : Wherever You May Be ~

This page is dedicated to you all.

The badge of the Queensland Police Service

Many times as a Police Officer I had to face the same trials and tribulations that I know are faced by Police everywhere.  All Police Officers, male or female have a unique bond as they are the only ones who can truly understand.  It is "The Thin Blue Line" that serves and protects our citizens, but there is more to that line than is seen by the general public.  There are the Police they see on beat or patrol, but there are also many who work behind the scenes.  Each and everyone of them plays an important part in maintaining that "Thin Blue Line".  Next time you see a Police Officer think about the times they spend away from families so they can protect and serve.  You might not enjoy getting stopped for speeding, but a Police Officer certainly does not enjoy knocking on someone's door, in the middle of the night, with their cap in their hand, about to tell someone some bad news.  Think about the Police Officer who is abused, simply because they are doing their duty.

I am proud to have been a member of that brotherhood.

In 1979 I once again began thinking about a childhood dream of becoming a Police Officer.  Even though I was older than the usual Police recruit I decided to go ahead and try and join the Police Service.  I was accepted and in October 1980 I began a six month course at the Police academy.  On 27th March 1981 I was sworn in as a Constable and a member of the Police Service for the State of Queensland, Australia.  I take great pride in the fact that my efforts at the Police academy resulted in me being named Dux of my course.

The majority of my service was in country areas, throughout Queensland and in 1986, I was appointed as Officer In Charge of a small One-Man Police station in North Queensland.  Although the town was small and only had a population of about 150, I was directly responsible for Policing an area of about 5000 square miles.  There were many times I would be away from home for days on end, leaving my wife at home to handle all the calls that were made in my absence.  I firmly believe that not enough credit is given to the partners of serving Police for only they know what it is like for their partner to be called away at all hours.  Many times they have no idea how long they will be left wondering about what is happening.

Policing became my passion and I was looking forward to a long career, however fate intervened and dealt me a cruel blow in 1989.  Many of the incidents I had faced began to affect my health and I was diagnosed with Manic Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  As a result I was forced to take early medical retirement.  My health has never recovered and to this day I still suffer from some of those days.

However I recall with pride and satisfaction my years as a Police Officer.

I wouldn't change anything.

~ Except to return to Policing : If that was possible ~

I am proud to have been a member of the Queensland Police Service

The various shoulder patches of the Queensland Police Service from 1980 to 1990.
The original shoulder patch (top left) had the motto in Latin.
The motto was changed to English in about 1985 "Firmness With Courtesy".
In 1990, the shoulder patch and motto changed again and is the current one worn by all Queensland Police.  The new motto is "With Honour We Serve"

On the next page is a poem written especially for Police Officers. (Not By Me)

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