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I think back to days now long ago
When my children were still girls
Nothing seemed to stop them then
They’d give anything a whirl

There were many times they did some things
With which I did not agree
But no matter what I said to them
They had so much energy

So filled with life and much to do
Without a single care
And although at times I did complain
I was pleased that they were there

They ran and laughed and fought it seemed
Sometimes the whole day through
While I’d be lost at what to say
Or even what to do

Those times of differences all do have
Did leave me feeling sad
For although it seemed they would not heed
I knew they were not bad

Toys thrown around across the room
Just lying here and there
They just left them where they lay
It was never really fair

Toys and girls ‘round everywhere
It was a bad display
So I would yell at top of voice
“Will you put some things away”

They argued then amongst themselves
When they should do as I asked
“It wasn’t me who played with them
So why should I do the task”

They ran and chased and yelled out loud
But not a thing was done
For no matter how I pleaded still
It was still as it had begun

I guess I lost my patience then
But I knew they heard, no doubt
For I stood and yelled in loudest voice
“I’m sorry girls, Time Out!”

So I sent them off to respective rooms
What they had done may have been so wrong
But as I busied cleaning up
I knew my love was still so strong

When I had finished I stopped and thought
At one thing that I should do
So I called them back and held them close
And whispered, “I love you”

“Now get out and enjoy your life
But please try to do as I say
For I like to see the best of you
As your childhood does pass away”

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
18th April 2008
All Rights Reserved

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