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We should feel a great tranquility
Watching ripples that they make
Those swans just slowly gliding
On the surface of the lake

We all feel times of turmoil
And peace we then do need
Watching beauty that is nature
Somehow our troubles are soon freed

We could let anger overtake us
When things do not go right
But as we gaze at beauty shown around us
Our thoughts should be contrite

No angry sounds around us
As peacefulness does reign
Just beauty at its foremost
Not bound by angerís chain

There is no place for anger
It leads to much despair
An unneeded load to carry
And pain to those who care

When others seem to hurt us
And we feel anger start to grow
Take heed for just a moment
And to that shoreline, please do go

Stand at the edge of tranquil waters
See swans swim gracefully
Let the pain flow freely outward
And feel tranquility

That thing we feel within us
It shall never cease
Because the anger shall have left us
And we are filled with inner peace

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
29th April 2007
All Rights Reserved

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