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I'm getting old,
The years have flown.
My once filled house,
An empty home.

My children all,
Have flown the nest.
Tried so hard,
To make them the best.

Have they forgotten,
From whence they came.
When will they visit,
Their old home again.

Seems that life,
Is much too fast.
No time for me,
I'm from the past.

So many mornings,
Tears in my eyes.
I want to hear,
My children's cries.

Have they just forgotten me,
As their lives they do just lead.
Yes, I know I'm getting old,
Remember me, my solemn plea.

Sitting alone,
Thinking of years.
When house was filled,
With joy and tears.

Now so silent,
Nothing is heard.
From my family,
Not a word.

Gave my family,
All I had.
Taught them all,
About good and bad.

Now they've gone,
Out on their own.
And I'm left to age,
So all alone.

My beloved has long,
Since passed away.
So very lonely,
Each long day.

I still have love,
I want to share.
But alas I find,
There's no one there.

In each long day,
I don't ask for much.
Just my family,
Be there to touch.

Where are you now,
My children please.
Come visit me,
My loneliness ease.

The passing time,
Does hold no fear.
But be much easier,
If you were near.

Do not forsake me,
In my twilight years.
Just let me wipe,
Away these tears.

Let my life,
Just fade away.
But not before,
You come, I pray.

Once I have seen,
You all again.
I'll see my God,
With no more pain.

Twilight years,
Do come to all.
But why so lonely,
Should I have to call.

So my children,
If you can.
Just one last smile,
For this old man.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
2nd November 2000
All Rights Reserved

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