I looked and saw,
At what I could see,
For there were two doors,
Just facing me.

Looked at them closely,
Which would I choose?
What did I have to win?
What did I have to lose?

One door I did see,
From it shone a light,
That stood out well,
Even on the darkest night.

The other door stood there,
And looked dark and dire,
As it seemed engulfed,
With eternal fire.

So I stood in front,
Of that burning door,
Before I made a choice,
I wanted to be sure.

As I stood there,
What was it I could smell?
Could it be the brimstone?
Of the fires of hell.

So I moved across,
To the other door,
And looked more closely,
At the light it bore.

As I stood there,
I knew right then,
That this was the door,
To the place called Heaven.

Had I done enough?
To even try and knock,
Had I always thought?
Of my Lord as a rock.

For I knew myself,
As I could tell,
I did not want to knock,
On the door of hell.

So I made sure,
That I would always see,
Those two doors,
That were facing me.

And if I accepted,
All that was right,
I would enter that door,
That was filled with light.

Yes, I would at times falter,
And perhaps stray,
But somehow I would return,
To the rightful way.

So as you look ahead,
And two doors you see,
Be sure the one you choose,
Because thatís your eternity.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
11th August 2005
All Rights Reserved

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