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Are we really all that different
Or are we all unique
The answer to that question
Is something we should seek

We stop and look around us
As the sun does show its light
There are so many different people
They are yellow, black and white

Of course we may look blindly
At the outer skin on show
But really what matters most of all
Is what is seen below

To judge a man on colour
Is an evil thing to do
You must always make your judgements
On what they say and do

Amongst those of many colours
There's evil and there's good
And on one day it will concern you
Just where you really stood

One wonders when it started
That failure of Godís plan
For instead of peace all Ďround us
We see manís inhumanity to man

So many lives throughout the ages
Have not been lost by chance
But that thing that we do know as
Simply intolerance

If you choose a path of racism
Or intolerance as well
One thing that is for certain
You're on the road to hell

So put aside that harshness
Instead try to impart
Not judgement made by colour
But what comes from the heart

Although we may look different
We all have the same needs
And if we somehow injure
The same colour we do bleed

Will you stand up with the righteous
No matter what colour they may be
Or do you judge him by his colour
And refuse to set him free

You must learn to sit beside him
Whatever his race, or faith, or creed
And spread true fellowship and kindness
Because that's what this Earth does need

For you must always reach out to him
With your heart and soul and mind
Talk freely to each other
Share the peace that you will find

The beauty of that closeness
Will fill a void you never knew
And the world that is around you
Will be seen with a different view

Take time to please pray often
That we'll put an end to war
Then the world would be much better
Than it ever was before

It matters not the colour
Nor the language that we speak
The harsh and cold reality
Is that we are not unique

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
Original 9th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

Rewritten 4th September 2009

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