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I was climbing up a hill one day
And began to feel so weak
A thought did enter in my mind
Would I ever reach the peak

For it seemed as more I climbed
Another rise would show
So I asked myself a question
Just how much more to go

It seemed Iíd forever done it
Climbing that everlasting hill
But I guess I knew within my mind
That this was my Godís will

To climb on so continuous
And always strive my best
Was surely just one way that God
Was putting me to the test

Of course it would be easier
To turn and walk downhill
Yet I didnít choose to do so
Because it was not Godís will

For a trip downhill is easy
And there may even be a guide
But let me just assure you
They are falsely on your side

For the guide that I had chosen
Would always be the One
That would forever lead me
For He was Godís only Son

With Him I could not falter
And never in life fail
One thing I knew for certain
I would not hear hellís wail

For that Son He had once told us
That it was Him we must accept
Because when we chose to do so
His Fatherís promise would be kept

So on that day of calling
We are all seen as the same
But the ones that will be beckoned
Are the ones that called Christís name

Please never let me turn away
Or begin the journey down
Because now that I have found You
I want to one day wear a crown

So my Lord I ask You
That whatever be your will
Iíll keep striving on towards You
And climbing up that hill

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
1st August 2005
Revised 1st October 2008
All Rights Reserved

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