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From way up high
The waters flow
Down onto rocks
So far below

With a small trickle
It begins at last
A downward rush
It falls so fast

We cannot stop it
There's no control
As those rushing waters
Dig deeper holes

The rocks are smooth
From years of wear
As waters tumble
Across them there

And as I look
At Earth around
With many scars
It does abound

That waterfall may drop
A few hundred feet
But to climb again
It can't repeat

That journey made
May be so short
But if we look closely
There's a lesson taught

If we rush
In carefree haste
So much of life
We truly waste

We too will leave
Scars all round
Sometimes lose
New friends we've found

When we hit the bottom
It's hard to refuse
That downward journey
With all to lose

But unlike
That waterfall
We can climb back
And stand up tall

Remove ourselves
From waters' flow
Change the direction
Our life does go

So if you find
You sometimes feel
You’re heading downhill
For help appeal

There's someone out there
Who will hear your cry
So you never need
To say goodbye

Do not just accept
Life's turbulence
To stand and look
Makes much more sense

Stand and look
At that waterfall
Accept downward spiral
Does reach us all

So do your best
And always try
To climb back out
So no others cry

That cry will be
For one and all
Because you let your life
Be like that waterfall

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
13th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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