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When I awoke this morning,
I said: "This is the day,
Ill get to wear my dress of white,
And carry my bouquet."

In the dawn before arising,
My heart did miss a beat,
For Id known this time was coming,
From the time we first did meet.

I saw you smiling deeply,
When you first did look at me,
Knew right at that very moment,
You were the only one that I would see.

We spent our months together,
As they did slip on by,
Never asking questions,
Never asking why.

One day you did say to me,
"I want you always by my side,
We should spend our lives together,
So will you please be my bride?"

You already knew the answer,
A happy tear rolled from my eye,
I took your hand and told you,
That "Yes", was my reply.

It seems for so long weve done it,
Thought and planned ahead,
And this day was now upon us,
The day we would be wed.

I must stop this time Im wasting,
Time to stop my reverie,
Get ready for the journey,
Of together you and me.

I spend hours getting ready,
To be sure I look just right,
Dressed especially for you darling,
In my gown of brilliant white.

I want to look just perfect,
As I walk on down that aisle,
So when you turn to see me,
It will make your heart just smile.

A special day my darling,
When we both will look just right,
You in your tuxedo,
And me in wedding white.

I love you oh so deeply,
For God had made that call,
Well pledge our love forever,
In front of one and all.

The moment has now reached me,
And my heart will not be still,
I hope I look so special,
Dressed in satin, lace and frill.

Well be standing there together,
On this our wedding day,
A special dress of white just for you,
Set off with a bouquet.

The love that I do have for you,
It just feels so very right,
It makes me really want to,
Wear this dress of wedding white.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
18th March 2007
All Rights Reserved

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