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What if we found ourselves,
With wants beyond our reach,
Would we accept with common sense,
Or to our God beseech.

What if that want was selfish,
Or beyond our very need,
Would we still abuse our faith,
And to our God still plead.

What if we continued to pursue,
A want we knew was wrong,
And it suddenly presented,
Then would our faith be strong.

What if we were to find that want,
But then not let it pass,
Could we then accept it,
Or for forgiveness always ask.

What if that forgiveness,
We did not really deserve,
Because we had chosen to say Yes,
When, No would take some nerve.

What if through human frailty,
We let human feelings show,
Because we really found ourselves,
Unable to say No.

What if it really happened,
And our selfishness was shown,
Iím afraid the answer to this,
Could really not be known.

What if that want should someday rise,
Resort then to much prayer,
The rightful answer you will find,
For God will lead you there.

Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight
May 1999
All Rights Reserved

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