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What is a friend you might just ask
As you ponder of your past
For you have met so many people
But how many friends did last

Yes, you may have your special love
A husband or a wife
And no one can replace them
Or the part they play in life

But you can still have friends a plenty
That come from near or far
For it matters not where they may live
Or who those persons are.

Those friendships may have started
Back when you were so young
Or even so much later
When adulthood begun

For they do not choose to judge you
By whatever they might see
But instead accept your friendship
No matter who you be

No matter what you have in life
Be it cash, or wealth, or kind
True friendships are not bound on that
But on what is in your mind

There’s something about true friendships
Perhaps you know they care
But you are at ease with them always
And choose what you might share

A true friend will then listen
Sometimes give you a reply
But even if they’re silent
They will never pass you by

Perhaps we cannot understand it
Why some are such good friends
But they choose to stand beside you
Until the very end

And if someday should happen
That your true love does hear the call
The friend that stands beside you
Is the greatest friend of all

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
2nd October 2005
All Rights Reserved

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