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What’s happened to this country?
The one we all had known,
This country called Australia,
The place that I call home.

I was taught of Australian’s working,
To earn their daily bread,
But now it seems they choose to,
Hold out their hands instead.

For once it was the attitude,
That we’d give anything a "whack"
But just like all around me now,
It’s more like “Up yours Jack.”

I was taught to love this country,
And sing songs written by likes of Banjo,
So all could see I was Australian,
No matter where I’d go.

Drovers we do see no more,
Nor Bushmen of days of old,
For they are in the past now,
And their trails have all gone cold.

Family needs have done a turnaround,
As it’s no longer one of need,
But it seems they’re on a direction,
Of a thing that I call greed.

Parents are both working,
To meet the rising costs,
As their children wander ‘round in circles,
As if forever lost.

So our children seem lost for their future,
And they turn to drugs and drink,
The more they’ve gone in that direction,
The less they seem to think.

There was a time not long ago,
When we all stood proud as one,
But sadly the truth just seems to be,
That those days are forever gone.

We’ve invited many people,
To live in this country,
But those things that I see happen,
Leads me to ask of their loyalty.

So what’s happened to this country?
And why did we let these things materialize?
The only thing that I can say to that,
Is we sadly closed our eyes.

We should have seen it coming,
But it’s not too late to go back,
Back to what we used to be,
And follow the right track.

Give our children a direction,
Support this country that is ours,
But put it off no longer,
Begin to do it now.

So let’s stand proud and tall together,
And all be Australian,
So once more the world will hear us,
And the strains of Banjo’s song.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
26th October 2005
All Rights Reserved

For Non Australian Readers
Whack = Have a go.

Up Yours Jack = I don’t care. Your problem, not mine.

Drover = Cowboy

Banjo = Banjo Patterson, Author of Waltzing Matilda.

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