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When I say, "I love you",
It comes from deep within,
For your love it makes me feel,
The best I’ve ever been.

I cannot help but feel it,
The love that we do share,
For as I look into your eyes,
I see love ‘round everywhere.

Whenever we’re together,
You do sparkle oh so bright,
Reminding me of stars above,
On a clear warm summer’s night.

When I say, "I love you",
My heart begins to race,
Rest your head upon my chest,
Can you feel its quickened pace?

There’s no way that I can slow it,
As it beats out of control,
Because I know that for you,
I’d sell my very soul.

Come to me my loved one,
Let me hold you in my arms,
For if you stay beside me,
I promise you no harm.

For each of us have someone,
With whose special love we’re blest,
A love that can’t be forced upon,
But seems to just exist.

We really cannot choose them,
The one whom we adore,
For love just seems to happen,
And lasts for evermore.

For true love has such beauty,
So real and so profound,
To last with you forever,
For it has no Earthly bounds.

I know ‘cos I have found it,
That love that is so deep,
To you I send for always,
My love for you to keep.

So when I say, "I love you",
It comes from in my heart,
And nothing known to man around,
Can cause that love to part.

This little verse is written,
To the one I love so much,
The one that did just somehow,
Reach to my heart and touch.

Touched it with a feeling,
Mere words can never tell,
But those of you who’ve found love,
Will know the feeling well.

Dark Blue Knigh ~ Eddie
17th November 1999
All Rights Reserved

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