Whoever Believes Image By Dark Blue Knight

Think about your future
Where will your life soon lead
Are you forever seeking something
To fulfil your every need

Do you often choose a pathway
To follow in lifeís span
Then find itís filled with disappointment
With nothing following your plan

Does it cause great consternation
As your stomach begins to churn
Lost with a multitude of others
Who know not where to turn

Have those disappointments always
Been a pattern of your days
Do you know that you can change it
You can do it all today

Come let me lead you quietly
To a life that I do know
Where the Lord is waiting for you
All you need to do is follow

It is the Lord that you must follow
And to Christ Jesus give your heart
Then from the moment you have done so
A new life will for you start

Take the time to read the Bible
For it is Godís holy word
By believing in Him always
He will know His voice is heard

Those days of disappointment
Will soon be left behind
Your life will shine with goodness
When the Lord, your heart does find

I cannot do that for you
Itís a choice that you must make
Then once Jesus dwells within you
He never will forsake

So to change those days of disappointment
To ones of peace and serenity
Listen when the Lord does call you
With His words of “Follow Me”

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
16th February 2009
All Rights Reserved

Romans 10 : 11

“For the Scripture says,
Whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed”

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