Image Misted By Dark Blue Knight From Photograph By Rodigro Valadares

The word that is a question,
From cradle to goodbye,
Is that infernal single word,
We simply know as WHY.

From young to old,
And many years between,
We seem always to question,
Almost anything weíve seen.

Not only in the visual,
But the spiritual as well,
We seem to always question,
No answer gives us hell.

Perhaps we should accept,
And keep our questions terse,
For if we knew all answers,
Would life be good or worse?

Sometimes it may be prudent,
Not to question, nor to ask,
But simply to accept and learn,
We are following Godís task.

Our lives are merely short,
Across the span of time,
So donít waste it with questions,
When living should be prime.

And at times the answer,
Is so dearly sought,
But all we get in a response,
Is purely someoneís thought.

They say that asking questions,
Can lead us to be smart,
But in the process of the answer,
We forget, "My God, How Great Thou Art".

'Tis sad that many questions,
Can never be resolved,
But if we always question,
Are all our problems solved?

For God has His own reasons,
Whatever they may be,
And do we really need to know,
An answer we canít see.

So 'tis often so much better,
To leave things as they lie,
And simply go on with life,
And forget about the WHY.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
May 1999
All Rights Reserved

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