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Sometimes things happen,
Whatever they may be,
And we ask that question,
My God, why me?

We may reach out,
With both our hands,
But we simply find,
We cannot understand.

But stop and think,
About the reason why,
Those things do happen,
To you and I.

We've all been there,
I'm sure of that,
When we've cursed God,
For where we're at.

Once more we will,
Again fail to see,
And scream out so loud,
My God, why me?

There's so many reasons,
That while it's hurtin',
We choose to question,
Of that I'm certain.

We question people,
We question the world,
Sometimes all 'round,
Abuse is hurled.

Sometimes we fail to see,
Or see too late,
If we're not careful,
Hell's fires await.

Whatever happens,
It's the fault of none,
But simply God's will,
That's being done.

Think back a while,
Inside your head,
As God's own Son,
To the cross was led.

He did not question,
What would soon be,
He did not ask,
My Father, why me?

Instead He chose,
To simply accept,
What must happen,
So a promise was kept.

Next time you feel,
That question start,
Think of love that shines,
From our Lord's heart,

So for your life,
You must forever be,
Eternally grateful,
And not ask, why me?

Whatever comes,
Give it your best,
For that will be,
Just one more test.

A test to pass,
To keep you free,
So never again,
You say, why me?

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
16th February 2005
Revised 19th February 2008
All Rights Reserved

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