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As we all grow older,
And ponder of past ways,
We think are we really better off,
Than we were in yesterdays?

'Tis true we are much wiser,
But wisdom at what cost?
For us to gain such wisdom,
So many years are lost.

For life seemed so much simpler then,
Back in our childhood years,
We had few fears, we had few toys,
But what we had, we shared.

We used to make our own fun,
And race around outdoors,
Not like the children of today,
Just watching screens from floors.

For with the changes that have come,
Like computers, videos, TVs,
No longer do we see children play,
Amongst the wondrous trees.

I sit at times and just recall,
The many times I spent,
Of reading, playing games,
Or just try and invent.

We had so few distractions,
And time even less besides,
For we were often needed,
To help out as required.

But in that time we cherished,
The chance to be and to pretend,
With laughter, joy and happiness,
As we shared it with our friends.

I think how things have altered,
And see children of today,
Seem to grow so quickly,
And forgotten how to play.

When suddenly it dawns,
Upon both us and them,
That childhood has slipped away,
Ne’er to be again.

For once those years behind them,
Are gone for evermore,
We cannot recapture years of youth,
But continually explore.

'Tis soon enough it’s surely felt,
That adults they will be,
So always be children first,
Not adults immediately.

For with the dawn of adulthood,
Comes much to do and share,
To keep this Earth as it should be,
So new children will too, care.

So here I sit and ponder,
Why did my younger years escape?
I may have wisdom, yes,
But is it much too late.

I must learn to use that wisdom,
To help and cause elation,
To all the children of today,
For they are tomorrow’s nation.

We can’t return to simple things,
Of matters long gone 'way,
But must learn and use our knowledge,
To build a better day.

For each new day brings sunshine,
Although at times difficult to view,
Always do your very best,
For that’s all God asks of you.

Dark Blue Knight
May 1999
All Rights Reserved

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