Your Troubled Heart Image By Dark Blue Knight

Oh why do you just ignore me
Why is your heart so cold
Is it something I have done
Or something from days of old

Did someone really hurt you
And break your loving heart
So badly did you take it
You canít face a new start

But canít you see my loved one
That I am here for you
To help you out of coldness
My love to warm you through

So please my loved one
Although you fail to see
I feel deep within myself
That you were meant for me

So do not sit there lonesome
And watch the world go by
I want to share my love with you
Wonít you please give it a try

I feel that there is something
That troubles you so deep
That somehow you have chosen
It to yourself to keep

Please open up that doorway
The one within your heart
Let my love be not just one way
Try to let me make a start

To begin to show you deeply
How much I really care
To show that you are not alone
My love with you Iíll share

For although some things may happen
Makes one feel their soul is sold
If you will just accept my love
No longer will your heart be cold

Come to me my loved one
Do not give this chance a miss
Come let me share with you right now
A wonderful first kiss

Let us see where it does lead us
So we can just begin
To warm the coldness in your heart
And let love flow within

Although you have not seen it
I long to feel your touch
I want you just to love me
And be mine so very much

Then your love can be seen again
With a heart no longer broken
For the love that you have to give
Will once again be woken

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
13th October 1999
Revised 13th November 2009
All Rights Reserved

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